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The Sleeping Carnival

A grand spectacular with circus, cabaret and live music.​

Children of the strange, join us for further adventures and let us enchant you!

The Sleeping Carnival is a crossover between live music, circus & other performing arts such as dancing and burlesque. The show is sprung from the imagination of Beatrice Aurore and features her music, its stories and characters portrayed and brought to life by a range of performers and their artform of choice.  The idé was set in motion by Burlesque performer, Show Girl and producer Lady Rivet, having known Aurore for a long time and sharing in her dream of a dark, entrancing circus cabaret. Finally, on March 15, 2019, the duo had it all come true with a bang when the premiere at Theatre Three in Stockholm sold full house.  


The main theme of the show is a mix of dark fairytales and a fun and sparkling circus atmosphere. The lyrics are in many of the songs exploring sober themes such as violence, drug/alcohol abuse and unhealthy relationships. The idea of the producing/artistic duo was to present some of the amazing female circus and variety performers they've come across during their years as performers and let them create their own choreographies within their own disciplines, the numbers all set in the fantastical universe of Aurore.

So, to sum it all up; A vintage inspired variety show in a mystical circus atmosphere, while a live band play the Art Pop music of Beatrice Aurore, female performing artists shows their own choreographies in a spectacular mix of circus, dancing & burlesque.  Enjoy!

Produced by Beatrice Aurore and Lady Rivet.


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Photos by Eliano & Krischan from GBG Fringe 2021

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