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Bookings can be made for public and privat events alike, all from birthday parties to festivals. Beatrice Aurore has something for the eye and ear of every stage, big or small.

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The Band

Beatrice Aurore performs her dark Electro-Acoustic Art-Pop with her 5-piece Make-Believe Orchestra.  

The ensemble consist of 4 piece harmonies, piano, violin, synth, drums & atmospheric field recordings that throws you straight into a horror-esqe, whimsical and visually enchanting fairyland. Board the cursed carousel and come on an adventure filled with drama, mystique and monsters.

For club-gigs Aurore can come in a smaller setting of three (lead, syth & tracks, violin).

Cabaret Songstress

Beatrice Aurore is also recognized as an enticing Cabaret Songstress, performing her luxurious NüGoth infused acts at big and small venues with elaborate costume and dramatic boldness. With over 10 years of experience in performing and producing cabaret shows, she is sure to enchant any audience.

Beatrice Aurore is part of the Cabaret production duo Odditites & Mirth, as well as one third of the singing showgirl-troop "Frauke & the Fräuleins", and writer of the musical circus show The Sleeping Carnival. 

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