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Photo by David Geborek



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The Sleeping Carnival

- Coming Soon

The dar
k and mysterious circus show, performed to live musikc by Beatrice Aurore and her  Make-Believe orchestra will soon be back in Stockholm with new dates.


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Foto by Anton Josefsson / Eliano / Krischan 

Poppycocks Cabaret 
The Hall of the Mountain King 

- November 11 -

Poppycocks Cabaret välkomnar er till Bergakungens Sal med mytiska väsen, älvor, tomtar troll och så klart vår favorit: Näcken. En spektakulär show i John Bauers ära!

Beatrice Aurore - 3-piece (Photo by Darklark)17 (kopia).jpg

Foto by Carl Stenlöf

The Spicy Mirth of the 1920s

- November 25 -

After a sold out and highly praised premiere last spring we have the pleasure of announcing that we are back at Ljunglöfska slottet on Nov 25 with our mix of authentic jazz, dazzling divas and fun flappers!

Photo Smack _ Carl Stenlöf (Oddities & Mirth).jpg

Foto by Carl Stenlöf


The Sleeping Carnival

July 8, 2023 - 

At: Subkult, Värnersborg


Foto by Espresso Media

Oddities & Mirth Presents

- June 10th -

(Cabaret Show & Night Club)


Foto by Daniel Eyre & David Geborek


The Spicy Mirth of the 1920's 

February 24, 2023 -

At: Ljunglöfska Slottet, Stockholm

DSC06054 (kopia 2).jpg

Foto by Carl Stenlöf / SMACK Film

Joakim Falk Blue Devils
feat Beatrice Aurore

- January 21, 2023 -

At: Bar Brahe, Stockholm


Foto by Carl Stenlöf / SMACK Film

The Sleeping Carnival

- November 14, 2022 -

At: Osby Riksteater


Foto by Anton Josefsson

Live at Fin Fringe

-  May 14, 2022 -

(Turku, Finland, 2022)

Beatrice Aurore LIVE7 (photo Jussi Virkkumaa).JPG

Foto by Jussi Virkkumaa

Fräulein Frauke Presents: Phoenix Ball 

- January 29, 2021 -

(Cabaret & Clu
b, Nalen)

Fräulein Frauke Presents- Phoenix Ball5.jpg

Foto by JP Bichard

The Sleeping Carnival
Fringe Festival

Teater Tre (Stockholm)
Kronhuset (Gothenburg)

(Fringe Festival, 2021)

Hampus Danielsson 6.jpg

Foto by Hampus Danielsson

 Frank Martini
Party of the Century

- October 26, 2020 -

(20's Show

Frank Martini.jpg

Foto by Charlie DecaVita

Fräulein Frauke Presents: New Year's Eve Ball

- December 31, 2020 -

abaret & Club, Nalen)


Foto by JP Bichard

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