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Photo by David Geborek

The music of Beatrice Aurore combines social criticism with dark fairy tales. By infusing theatrical elements in audio design and visual presentation, the artist has taken her Electro-Acoustic Dark-Pop beyond the Swedish borders with shows in Latvia, Rumania, Norway and Finland. Her 5-piece Make-Believe Orchestra of piano, vocals, violin, synth, drums & atmospheric field recordings will take you on an adventure filled with drama, mystique and monsters. An imaginative performance for both the eye and ear. 

Beatrice started performing her music at 14 and as she grew, the jovial notes and playful expressions of her circus inspired songs slowly twisted into a darker more mature form of Art-Pop, injected by horror-esce soundscapes and ambience that gives delicious depth to her whimsical lyricism. Now she's recording new music, finding inspiration in unresolved trauma, the complexity of mental health and the dark fantasy world she’s carried with her as a sanctuary since childhood.

"I've always had a thing for theatrics and fantastical things. I studied and worked in musical theatre for a bit, loving the concept of completely giving yourself up to a story, soaking in it and letting it take over. Soon I found that following others directions didn't quite do it for me. I wanted to get lost inside my own head and write my own stories. My music lets me be limitless, turn fear and pain into something palpable, imaginative and even beautiful."  // Beatrice Aurore


Beatrice Aurore is also recognized as an enticing Cabaret Songstress, performing her luxurious NüGoth infused acts at big and small venues with elaborate costume and dramatic boldness. With over 10 years of experience in performing and producing cabaret shows, she is sure to enchant any audience.


Aside from her artistry Beatrice is an A&R at the Swedish Indie Label Icons Creating Evil Art, as well as a producer at the Cabaret Production Company Odditites & Mirth.


Sundsvall magazine

“It starts with a woman in a play card inspired dress entering the stage… She kicks her high heels off and stands behind the piano... Anything can come from this. And then they start singing. It's a fantastic imaginative performance. The audience is spellbound.”


Sweden's Radio, P2

“Beatrice Aurore is an unique act in the Swedish music industry with their own concept. It’s not always easy to decide what’s serious and what’s jest when Beatrice Aurore performs.”

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