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Photo by David Geborek

The music of Beatrice Aurore combines social criticism with fairy tales in a daring dance on the verge of reality, much like a devious tightrope dancer. But behind the mischievous mask hides a message that could be both encouraging and frightening.


By combining dark pop with theatrical elements, both in sound and visual presentation, Beatrice Aurore has taken her music beyond the Swedish borders with shows in Latvia, Rumania, Norway and Finland, even with her debut EP yet to be released.

Her ensemble of piano, vocals, violin, synth, drums & atmospheric field recordings will take you on an adventure filled with drama and mystique, resulting in an imaginative performance for both the eye and ear. 


Beatrice started performing her music as a 16-year old, as she grew the jovial notes and playful expressions slowly evolved into a darker more mature form. Now she's recording new music, finding inspiration in unresolved trauma, the complexity of mental health and the dark fantasy world she’s carried with her as a sanctuary since childhood.



Sundsvall magazine

“It starts with a woman in a play card inspired dress entering the stage… She kicks her high heels off and stands behind the piano... Anything can come from this. And then they start singing. It's a fantastic imaginative performance. The audience is spellbound.”


Sweden's Radio, P2

“Beatrice Aurore is a unique act in the Swedish music industry with their own concept. It’s not always easy to decide what’s serious and what’s jest when Beatrice Aurore performs.”

Will you be able to tell who’s sane and who’s mad when the curtain has fallen?