Photo by Hampus Leonardo Danielson

The music of Beatrice Aurore combines social criticism with fairy tales in a whirling ride on the merry-go-round. Each song tells its very own story. Disguised with jovial notes the words balances on the verge of reality, much like a devious tightrope dancer. But behind the playful masks hides a message that could be both encouraging and frightening.

Aurore performs live with her band Beatrice Aurore & the Make Believers that has, in addition to their tours and festival gigs throughout Sweden, also played shows in Riga, Bucharest and Trondheim. More over the band prepares to travel to Denmark and Finland in 2021 (postpone due to convid 19). Upbeat circus-pop mixed with theatrical elements and sinister lyrics delivers an imaginative and visual presentation, providing something for both the eye and ear. 



Sundsvall magazine

It starts with a woman in a play card inspired dress entering the stage. She is closely followed by two mime clowns. She kicks her high heels off and stands behind the piano. It’s a bizarre sight. Anything can come from this.

And then they start singing. And what singing. It's a fantastic imaginative performance. The audience is spellbound.


Sweden's Radio, P2

Beatrice Aurore & the Make-Believers is a unique trio in the Swedish music industry with their own concept. It’s not always easy to decide what’s sincere and what’s humour when Beatrice & the Make-Believers perform. Apart from music and singing the performance also includes costume designs, tasteful headpieces, full-face make up and mime dancing.

Will you be able to tell who’s sane and who’s mad when the curtain has fallen?